L'Occitane Discontinuing Products? Surely NOT!!!


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Jan 5, 2009
Why do L'Occitane always discontinue products!
Lets look at the list (most recent first)
Almond shower oil (they have the big sizes atm but im sure they said they cannot make anymore)
rose bath cream
mlik shower gel (reformulated)
Rose (reformulated)
and countless other products such as vanilla.

GRR bet they will get rid of cherry blossom next! i love that!
I hope they don't get rid of Cherry Blossom its my fave, was distraught when they discontinued Sweet Lemon Shower Cream!

And discontinuing Almond Shower Oil as well? Damn ...
I should think they mean they can't make anymore of the supersize Almond Oil not that that are discontinuing it completely.
I liked the Sweet Lemon too.

I wish they'd discontinue the Lavender but I think it's one of their core fragrances so there's little chance.
I should think they mean they can't make anymore of the supersize Almond Oil not that that are discontinuing it completely.

Thats the way I understood it as well - thankfully as the Almond Shower Oil is my all time favourite Loccitane bathing product
They will never discontinue the lavender, they do have their own lavender fields. Also that is what they are famous for.

Truth. No doubt lines that have been around and people are no longer buying in large numbers. So not worth shelf space in the shops.

Sazza, you are right about the almond oil in the giant size. QVC is the only place you can get them now.
They had duos of the Almond oil supersize in the Gunwharf Quays outlet shop the other day.

I thought it was odd because the sales assistant was saying they only sold ends of line and discontinued lines etc but if they say they are axing it, that explains it.

Forgot to say they also had the 500ml body lotions that they often put in TSV's and say you cannot get anywhere else.......think they were £13 or £14.
They had lots of 400ml bottles of Almond shower oil at Bicester when I was there two weeks ago.They were mostly in sets with soaps or body lotion.They also had 500ml bottles of vanilla and amber shower gels.
I'm still annoyed that they get rid of the Honey, I don't like the lemon honey much, I wish I'd known and would've stocked up!:thinking2:

I only used the Honey Lip Balm and I still miss it.

I didn't use anything else in the Honey range, as for the new Honey and Lemon, ewww no thanks, it is so overpowering a smell, it follows you for days!!!
there's a tub of it on e-bay atm Sazza - tis £13.:hi:

:shock: It used to only cost about £6 and given that it is now about 2 years since they discontinued it I would dread to think how old this pot could be. Thanks anyway Rento! :)

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