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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
I think TJC have just uploaded lots and lots of items onto their website - worth a look.
Thank you for the heads-up! The silver section is well worth a look. Already seen four items I fancy.

Do you think the fact that servicing my car cost less than I was expecting is any excuse at all to indulge? No, neither do I, but... oooh...

Be still, my beating credit card!
Gahh! I couldn't hold out any longer! Just phoned Personal Shopper and ordered the rainbow bracelet, also an amy + citrine ring and a ruby trilogy ring!

LOL - your mood says 'Angelic', RubyRose; are you sure that's right...?

He he! Well, I couldn't find 'Guilty' and I think 'Devilish' would only apply if I'd used my hubby's c/c - so I think 'Angelic' fits the bill perfectly!

Can you not see my platinum-overlay halo?


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