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Techy presenter for QVC looks like Marina from Stingray,saw her a few weeks ago on Click.
Here you go :)


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Maybe it's the heat, but who is LJ please?

LJ Rich does much of the gadget & technology presenting on QVC, dinky little pixie type person with short dark hair! Very pleasant to listen to & extremely knowledgeable! She's a sound recordist I think as well as a TV presenter......& a self-confessed techno nerd! :)
and she's also a forum member. ;)

Well if she should read my post I'm sure she won't mind me calling her a 'techno nerd', she called herself an 'anorak' on air the other day! lol
Eldest DD is a bit LJish herself, sweet & girly & nerdy all rolled into one - nerd is the new 'cool' y'know! :14:
LJ is also an accomplished musician.

Yep, eldest DD genuinely thinks she's great! Hoping to go into the male dominated world of computer gaming/design/concept art, people like LJ give her a bit of hope that even small (DD is even tinier than LJ! lol) girly-girls can make it to the top of the tree if they have the skills for it!

MrsJames - you mean you're not LJ? I'm very disappointed & may not speak to you for the rest of the day now! lol
She's great-I could listen to her for ages. She makes it so interesting. Very talented by the look of it.
Thanks to all for your info. I now feel that she is my new best friend!

You sure? Do you know that she has committed henious crimes to audio sensibility? Don't believe me then just click here. Look under the title "Hit factory". Who knows what other monstrosities she's been involved with :D

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