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Jun 26, 2008
What is left of my poor senile little brain matter just cannot comprehend how filling their gobs with food and grimacing helps to sell these food products.

Today was one of the better days - some presenters - not mentioning names, seem unfamiliar with using a spoon or fork, and also not helped by the Lime Tree man making sarcastic comments about how keen they are on their work!

All my little brain needs is to see the product cut open and in close up and for the guest to say what is in it.

I think it is fair enough to taste a little sample, like the chocolates, and the biscuits, but instead of the whole building then stuffing themselves, perhaps the uneaten, untouched samples could be taken to a hospital or children's home. after all, QVC employees are not on the bread line.........yet!
Could also see the ingredients list on the back of the pie packs today, they looked to be stuffed full of all sorts, am sure I saw E numbers and preservatives in there. Mind you, guess that's why they keep so long in the freezer lol.
Saw the first 5 mins then switched off when I saw the prices...thought it was a misprint on screen 28 quid plus 5.99 p&p for 4 mince pies and a slab of Christmas cake!What a joke!Like someone else said the reviews are very hit and miss aswell.Julian,bless him, was eating them like his life depended on it!:1:
I saw Kathy presenting Lime Tree Pies and I thought he was very good, but did take huge mouthfuls! I felt full watching.

She said something like 'you know with LTP the food is going to be of high quality, and that food you eat is good for you'.

....well LET ME 'AVE 'EM!

Sausage rolls, pies, cakes......gimmie, gimmie gimme!

This is the day I can at all of the above GUILT FREE!
I could just fancy a piece of LTP fruit pie, they are gorgeous. Though getting back to the case in point, not seen the LTP presentation, but if its anything like the one for Bucceleuch (sp?) meats, the presenters stuff the food in as if they expect someone to nick the plate from them.
I must say I get very fed up seeing different presenters stuffing their mouth's and trying to talk at the same time, if anything it put's me off buying the food when they do that.
All they have to do is show/tell us the ingrediant's and what it looks like cut open, not stuff it all in their mouth's.
mmmm. Just killing some time. REad some of the reviews and have decided there must be a lot of happy birds out there (or not, as the case may be). Glad I saw this thread cos I was tempted to try some after the recent show.
I hate the pies ,the pastry is crumbly and dont like the texture ...u get better ones for cheaper price in the supermarket
I have bought these before now from my local garden center asnd have found them to be good.
The only fault is they are a bit dry and you need some gravy to go with them.
Lamb and Mint was very nice.

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