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Jun 24, 2008
Just what have you all bought please ??
If is not to nosey to ask ?

Well I may have made a little purchase to take advantage of my Christmas card easy pay as the code of CE1008 ends today would be rude not to.
Only silly me when I checked I'd already used it !!!!
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I haven't bought anything, I resisted well, as I am pi**ed of with the high delivery charges and slow postage.
I didn't use the code for 3EP in the end....
I promised myself only to buy from QVC when it is
a/exceptional value
b/ i really need the product
I didn't buy anything today - did buy the new halo bronzer last night so managed to resist spending more today.
I didn't buy anything - didn't even watch it. There was a time when I would have looked very much forward to a beauty day, especially one with Philosophy in it. But I just can't get up the enthusiasm for anything on QVC anymore.

I was naughty and treated myself to the Decleor Alguaromes, as I've nearly finished my one.
I didnt buy anything, the few Beauty Day Prices were nothing more than Introductory Prices so nothing special.
Had already used my EP voucher for the litre sizes of Ojon Shampoo
Can't believe that the Beauty Day TSV wasn't on easypay - bizarre or what, particularly in this credit crunch climate. QVC seem to be blithely ignoring the harsh realities of the times, and the fact that they haven't even offered free p&p on items seems bewildering at best. Surely someone at QVC Towers can see that the p&p is going to put an awful lot of people off buying from them? Obviously not...
I succumbed and bought the TSV - I only watched about half an hour all day. I always use the Systeme Corps so it was a good deal for me.
I only bought the TSV, mad at myself for caving.

Although i do use the system corps and prolagene, thats my excuse :1:
2 TSV's and the Decleor 5 Piece Firming Facial Collection 225983 to try the excellence serum. It was on 2 easy pays and has 10ml of the excellence serum worth £40.
It is a lot but the prolagene gels will be ebay'd along with the phytopeel. But I have given my mum my hydrotenseur to try and now she won't give it back.
I feel I need to give my poor central heated eyes a break.
I'll be keeping one of the hand creams and one of the system corps, the others will be for presents for 2 of my sisters who have birthdays in March.
Nothing bought on Beauty Day. I still have an almost full Prolegene on the go and having done a recent stock-take I have so many products I need to use up before buying more.

Having said that, I do have my eye on the Liz Earle and L'Occitane TSVs next month. Will wait and see whether Easy Pay is offered though before taking the plunge on both.
Deep breath...
2 tsvs
journey of senses in both iris and neroli
smashbox glambox on the go
now the only thing I still need is a decleor clay mask then I'm done for MONTHS!
I will aim not to buy anything else from Qvc until Smashbox are back on air...I think they said end March.
Not a thing, I didn't even watch in case I was tempted to buy something I didn't need. I have masses of L'Occitane, Bare Escentuals and Laura Gellar and I'll buy the Liz Earle next month as her products are my all-time favourite and suit my skin.

QVC will have to get their act together. I've always been pleased with the beauty TSVs I've bought as they represent great value, even with the crazy p&p charges but I never buy single products as ebay/Liz's own site etc offer much better value.
Nothing! I did watch a bit here and there but it was all pretty boring. No postage discount and very little easy pay. Was the last Decleor TSV on easy? I don't buy them so don't know. I mean look at the Elemis TSV 4 easy pay, you would think for a theme day they would really push the boat out with easy pay.
Not a thing!
Am I ill? No - just skint!
And a bathroom full of goodies that need using - so wont be buying anything for a long time!
I didn't buy anything and didn't watch either.Have a stash of stuff to use up and am trying not to buy things I don't need.The only thing I want to try is the l'occitane peach which is on 14th Feb,apart from that I have promised myself I won't buy anything.
watched all day. bought so much last year i wont need anything for at least 6 months. nothing has tempted me as i can go on sites like cheapsmells and others and buy what i need as i need it and not buy tooty tsv's with fillers. delivery times are so good on these websites i can use my stuff to the last drop and know i will get my things quicky and sometimes over 70% cheaper even top brands like decleor are way cheaper than qvc.
also did not even want to try decleor hand cream- boring, body lotion smells nice but not half as nice as l'occitane and prolagene does not work for me. really easy to resist.

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