Leighton Denny 8 Piece Treasure Trove Collection Try Me Price


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The colours don't look anything exciting, not that I would buy it anyway, really not keen on Leighton Denny products.
Look after your nails with this eight-piece Treasure Trove Collection from Leighton Denny. The set contains Pure White Nail Varnish (4.6ml), a cream pink Creme De La Creme Nail Varnish (4.6ml), a dark red Feel The Burn Nail Varnish (4.6ml), a dark pink Provocative Nail Varnish (4.6ml), Corrector Liquid (4.8ml), Renovate Nail Refining Cream (10ml), Best Defence (20ml) for glove-like hand protection, Sole Pleasure (20ml) to keep your feet naturally deodorised and cool, a Duplex Refining Buffer, and a small precision brush.

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