Left in a hurry on friday?


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Aug 1, 2008
Sorry for not continuing in chat or saying bye bye but we had a problem or should i say a big problem.We heard a cracking noise several times in the house and on further investagation our chimney was on fire.So today iam very depressed as the house stinks and black soot everywhere.But the chimney did look pretty with the fireworks coming out of it.(lol)
Awww nooo AS.....and you did all your housework yesterday to have a rest today!!:2:

No apologies needed,hun and I hope you get it sorted soon.If it happened today there is no chance of a fire...........the RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:52:
aww so long as you are safe... wats a little soot !![ducks down] very posh tho indoor fireworks
Crikey, Always Skint,.... wot a pain.... and frightening too as well as filthy messy!

Glad to know you and house are okay, though!!
:31:look on the bright side you wont need to pay for a chimney sweep now
so more to spend on rocks lol
Jokeing aside glad everything is ok apart from the mess to clear up
thanks for the nice thoughts. Things are getting back to normal just waiting for a builder to check that the chimney lining is not cracked.i have just checked out 6 items in my basket tonight so on wednesday i will have something to look forward to.

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