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Jun 24, 2008
Awww I've just heard Lee saying he won't be there for much longer :Crying:

He said he would tell more nearer the time but I for one will be sad to see him go. What's going on? First Vicky Letch and now Lee - seems to me that when I like them they go!! Maybe there's some on other channels I could pretend to like?!! :3:

Good Luck Lee in whatever you chose to do.
Perhaps he'll turn up on QVC flogging bags or cookware.

I quite like Lee, he's not as pushy as another presenter who will be nameless.
Does anyone know if Lee has left yet? I never seem to see him when I switch on. I wonder what he is going to do next, does anyone know?
Oh that's a shame, he was the only male presenter on TJC that I liked!

Yes he must be away now I haven't seen him for a while sadly. I like Derek though he can be funny and he's probably the most knowledgeable. I don't mind Jim either now and even Ian although he shouts even more than Derek! I did particularly like Lee and also Vicky Letch and it's sad that they've both gone :notfairsign:

Overall though I still firmly believe TJC have the best set of presenters - no hard sell, stupid faces, gasps of amazement etc. Vicki Brown annoys me when she goes on about Emeralds and how they should be included as they're the best ones and she does witter nonsense about Rubies too but apart from that I can even tolerate her now. She doesn't hang about she just gets on with it.

Derek was having a go at "another channel" the other day and imitating the female presenters with their orgasmic gasps etc. it was hilarious!

Of course I have no idea who he was imitating :Thinking2: but the name Jerry Lee comes to mind for some unknown reason - I wonder why?!! :Laughing1:

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