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Jun 24, 2008
Hi all, I've contacted Philosophy about Lee and received an email back from them today saying that Lee no longer works for them! To say I was a bit shocked considering he'd only recently been promoted is a bit of an understatement, wonder what happened? I said it was a real shame as he was brilliant,so if any detectives out there no what's going on.....
what a shame. i loved his presentations plus he really had great skin and obviuosly used the products. gosh i wonder what happened. i doubt we will ever get to the bottom of this.
Gosh that is a shame. Maybe he is ill because he really seemed to love the products. I hope he isn't, I hasten to add, and has moved on to bigger and better things but can't help but wonder ...
It is funny that they never mentioned him on the latest Philosophy shows.

In the past they have mentioned that people have left the company e.g the woman who represented Elemis before Keeley and Decleor before Fiona, so why no mention of Lee? :thinking:

They must know that we'll all be wondering what's happened to him!! :disgruntled:
Good detective work Looby! What a real shame though. Like Cupcake, I hope he has moved onto even better things.
He was high up in the company that did UK distribution for Philosophy and other brands too. So made decisions where it went in the UK, he was the one who decided Boots was the wrong place for Philosophy.

So now we want to know did he jump or was he pushed?

I think think pushed. The parent company of Philosphy perhaps wanted to take over the UK and perhaps other areas of the EU distribution themselves. Aren't they cracking down in the US who sells it to the UK.
That's a shame, I was thinking something like that had happened, and he was always so keen to say why he joined the company because he loved the products so much.

QVC are so silly, why didn't they just say Lee has moved on etc... Keeping quiet just makes people think the worst and perhaps philosophy's philosophy is not as good as they try to make out!
It possible, of course, that Lee CHOSE to move on. He might have gotten a better offer or fancied a change of direction. Philosophy might not give you the details because of privacy issues, or he may have been taken on by a different brand.
Good luck to Lee wherever he ends up.He comes across as a nice fella,very enthusiastic and warm.Its sad that he seems to have disappeared with no explanation,shame on QVC.
That's a real shame. I had a feeling something this had happened because of the stony silence from everyone at QVC. As I mentioned on the other thread, it's exactly what happened to the Bare Escentuals woman before, which is what raised my suspicions. I just hope Lee is ok and has moved onto better things.
If Philosophy are responsible for Lee's departure they are lacking something in the way of common sense. His knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the products, generated huge sales on qvc and, if you read the customer reviews, it is clear that he was well liked and respected by the viewers.
QVC should have at least mentioned him on the fifth anniversary show, if only to say that he would no longer be part of the Philosophy presentations since they must have known that his absence would be commented on.
I shall miss Lee's presence at QVC as I liked his style and only used to wish that Ali Young would shut up and let him tell us about the products without her wittering on in her inane actual fashion. Literally.
This is very interesting. I'm sure he distributes Alpha H in the UK too - if anyone has a tube of anything alpha h I'm sure it says his name on there somewhee for distribution - wasn't philosophy bought out by another big company - maybe they've decided they don't need him. I can't beleive he would just go as he was only just promoted.

I'm not sure I beleive he did genuinely use all the products but i do think he is a fantastic salesman.

Oh yes and I'm absolutely convinced (and his own choice entirely of course) his forehead was botoxed it never moved in the middle.
It may be likely he was headhunted by a larger company, who lured him with a bigger package and perks, maybe a company like Loreal.....

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