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Jun 24, 2008
nr Dartford Tunnel
Not sure if it might just be me but has anyone else had probs with their packaging.

I got t the last TSV not this one and after one use the baked blusher mirror came off and today I was using my much used (I must admit) B&B and the top has come apart now. Can't say I'm very impressed with the packaging although the contents I have no problems with though but no good if all falls apart.:29:
My only problem so far is a broken pan of B&B, but I can't blame LG as one of the three males in our house dropped the hoover on top of my handbag breaking a few other things as well. I think other people have posted similar problems to you Jo34, I suppose that is your at home B&B now.
The only probelm I've had with LG packaging was the spf30 moisturiser which had the world's dodgiest pump on it. The reviews on the website mainly said the same thing, so I only had myself to blame for ordering it lol, when it came it worked ok for the first few attempts and then just wouldn't work at all or was spurting moisturiser all over my furniture/clothes etc. I got an apology and refund from CS who were great about it, and it's a shame because the moisturiser was really really good.
I have never had any problems with my LG packaging, and I even take it with me on holiday as a more practical alternative to BE. However, I do remember Cupcake posting about her B&B lid breaking just after a couple of uses, and I remember she was trying to have it replaced, though I'm sure she could give a more detailed report. It does seem though that too many people are having problem for it to be mere coincidence...
I too had problems with the LG SPF30 moisturiser. I had 2 bottles, and loved it, but then my 3rd bottle gave me a pea sized blob and then "died". Customer Services gave me a full refund. I will not order again until the delivery system improves.
I think I actually have the worst pump yet in my LG moisturiser. It's completely missing the tube part that would go down in to the product! I took the top off to investigate when I wasn't getting anything out & there was just nothing there... Unfortunately it was part of a TSV that I really wanted & had sold out so I just suffered in silence & used a long product spatula.

Congratulations Dogwoodmapp on getting credit out of customer services. Once in the five years I've been with them have I ever got credit & that was because I'd rung up to compain about three separate orders that had all gone badly wrong. It grieves me a little how stingy they are with compensation, especially when some of us get things like clearly secondhand products shipped. It's especially frustrating when they keep giving credit out in competitions to promote themselves, but won't give any goodwill gesture to loyal customers when they've seriously let us down.
Thanks everyone well done Dogwoodmapp to get something back off them, if this is going to happen quite regularly think I'll stick to Smashbox and BE. Its a shame as the contents are great but what's the point with rubbish packaging that's what put me off of Models Prefer and used to love that stuff too boo hoo
Jo34, I have the same problem. Like you I ordered the one-before-TSV and within a few uses the lid of the B+B had come off and I now have it held together with an elastic band. I was so cross that I called up their CS and complained. I guess I made enough fuss that they credited my account with £5 to compensate.

That's good. They called me when I sent them an email and were rude and unhelpful ... no £5 for me!

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