Laura Geller Emerald Bejewelled Collection


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Jun 24, 2008
This arrived today (I bought it during the last round of LG shows) and I wanted to recommend it.

The eyeshadows are lovely shades - not the horrible, garish greens of the 70s. I used the light green on my lid and the dark green as a liner. The lip colours are very nice, subdued colours as well - although I'll probably use a bit of a gloss over them as I find them slightly dry.

I've got fair skin, blue eyes and have just had my hair coloured a chocolate brown and these shades work great with all of the above.

My only quibbles are that the brush isn't much cop - very cheap IMO but I've got plenty of others to use with it - and the giant, plastic 'gem' stuck in the middle of the compact cheapens the overall look of it. But overall well worth the price. I'm rarely disappointed by her products.
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Nice subtle greens there ms_melly and very far removed from some of my 70s horrors.

We had a discussion on the old forum about Laura and Uri. Don't think they are related Mr Blobby, but some of us think Rikki Lake, the chat show host and Laura look as if they were separated at birth. :p

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