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Aug 28, 2008
:eek: yeah yeah exchange rates we know :rolleyes:
now don't get me wrong, i have some and do like it, but at the end of the day, well its only cheap plated tat with a bit of glass

for £20 only a few weeks ago you could buy a nice ring to wear and cheer yourself up, but sorry looking at the new prices i will happily remain uncheered, plus stuff the exchange rate most of the stuff has been in stock for yonks
Oh I agree alot of their Diamonique SS items are very pricey now, considering you can get a REAL gem for less in their bargain items or even their normal priced items.

I mean it is not real and most of it is in SS.
I don't buy it any more, I was wearing a ring at a show and when I got home saw that the platinum was coming off and 3 of the small stones had fallen out. the only thing I could think of was that when I was clapping the ring must have knocked on one on my other hand. As you said iamasmall cheap plated tat.
its not just the jewellery the tsv is so expensive compared to the 7 piece pan set i cannot believe the new prices.
i got a russian wedding ring last year, i give in to all the hype. I wore it 1 day and the platinum wore off, returned it and QVC refunded my PP too. A complete rip off!!!:BAD:
These increases in price should not really be happening on their own product ranges like diamoneeek/NN...etc
Overpriced kwak!!!!
I prefer IW's version and really like their Platinum Dreams range.
I think QVC's Diamonique, whether it's 'bathed' in Platinum or not, is vastly over-rated. And over-priced.

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