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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Here I am again

Right lets start,

Marcasite silver ring:

Love this ring, its fab, not quite a size N though!

Pearl silver necklace:

Absolutely amazing, its gorgeous, I want to wear it all the time. So sparkly

0.2 ct diamond white gold studs:

Now, first impression is that they looked a bit yellow. Gave to OH without saying anything and he said the same. Looked at them again today and still looked a bit yellow, keep looking in different lights, sometimes they look white and others a tinge of yellow. I think they said they were colour J, is that supposed to be yellow a bit?? As you see they are still in package as I am not sure.

Mystic topaz Silver ring:

Very nice ring, not quite the colour from all angles I was expected, but still very nice.

Tanzanite silver bracelet:

Wasn't sure at first about this, but worth it for £22. Excuse my hairy arms!

Mystc Quartz silver pendant (54 carats)

Now, I really, really was looking forward to this. However, although the colour is amazing, I can see some marks through on the underside, in daylight what I realised has happened is that there are a few patches on the underside of the stone where there is no coating on it. So unfortunately its going back as I wouldnt be happy with it like that! Here is a pic I think you can see:

Now the Comp Prize, Smoky quarts and sky blue topaz necklace:

Amaging, love it, a bit short, but I am sure I can use an extender. COlour is lovely! Plus it was free lol

Well I am on the look out for larger diamond studs now lol
oooo thanks for the pix - it is clear that the coating has come off/wasn't put on the pendant - a real shame too

Sorry - don't know enought about diamonds to help there though - I'm sure an expert will be along later though
Lovely haul VG. I have the mystic ring and love it. Love the pearl necklace. Shame about the pendant - Can't you ask for a replacement. Regarding the diamond earrings if they have yellow tinge I would send them back. Good luck spending your refunds xx
love the pearl necklace, wow its beautiful.

I personally wouldn't keep the diamond earrings as you are not happy with them no matter what anyone says, get a replacement, they will probably be fine.

Love all the rest but that pearl necklace is W O W
Fantastic haul there VG. Love the pearls and mystic topaz ring. Shame about the pendant, but as said above send it back for either a refund or replacement.

Enjoy all your gemmy jewels xx
Love the bracelet so pretty. If you send the earrings back ask for a replacement with better stones in. I did and got a lovely one back.
Awww Valley Girl that is a shame the earrings are yellow looking. I have the same ones, I think it is the same ones (ES799) and they are a lovely colour and really sparkly.
I like that marcasite ring very much (I'm developing a marcasite obsession lol)

Send back the earrings if you're not sure, and wait for some BIGGER ones to come along!!!
love that pearl lariat! love the mystic ring. dare I say it but I had the QVC version of that tanzy bracelet last year as did someone else from here - lovely flower clusters. sadly mine didnt suit me. as for the diamonds, the bag might be giving them the yellow caste as much plastic contains a petroleum derivative, but "J" should still be pretty colourless.

enjoy the rest of your goodies. what a shame your freebie was disappointing.
hey valley,

some stunning pieces you have there i'm particularly loving the marcasite ring :) was not a big lover of marcasite until I started seeing people pics on here! now I want more and more tee hee.
Lovely pieces VG - I agree with the others, I'm sure Rocks will replace the pieces you are not happy with and if they are faulty pay the p&p as well.
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I absolutely LOVE that SQ & topaz necklace, and the fact that it was free, double wow!!

Thanks guys!!

Yes, earrings are going back and so to is the mystic quartz pendant......hope they have a I love them!!!

Yes I am obssessed!!

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