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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
TJC have some amazing looking large apatite rings which are quite expensive.

Does anyone have one of these, and what do you think? Are they worth it? I have one on order, but I'm not sure. (I'm aware that apatite is a soft stone, so in a ring it would only be suitable for occasional wear.)
i was going to buy apatite ring but before i checked with STANLEYS jewellers who gems tv use
was told its a very soft stone and may not suitable for everday
hope that helps

I've got a couple of rings and a pendant (all around the 5ct mark or thereabouts). It is an incredibly soft stone BUT for occasional wear it's fine.
Don't know how much you paid so difficult to say. It depends on clarity (they can look cloudy), cut, size and colour. If you're asking the question, I would assume you've paid more than you think? If so, don't get it because it'll always be a "I shouldn't have paid £X for that" issue.

Why don't you compare the price to their set Apatite Iliana pieces? If you buy a loose stone you've obviously got to factor in the setting, additional stones etc AND more importantly, the skill of your jeweller. Apatite is incredibly soft and prone to breaking when set.
I have a stunning apatite ring from TJC, admittedly which was purchased about a year ago. Its a fabulous colour, great clarity and all in all a superb piece of jewellery, mine didnt cost too much..about £70 by memory, however as others have said apatite is not suitable for every day wear.

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