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May 13, 2009

Hi does any of our friends out there know what the Kipling TSV is going to be next Sunday.....Hope its going to be a new interesting style....yipee:rock:
Me too, I've been wanting a new bag in ages........ Does anyone have any ideas on what the TSV will be ??? :wave2:
It must be me!

I think Kipling bags are awful! Cheap, nasty and infantile at a ridiculous price.
I honestly thought like that too, then saw one at a bargain price, bought it and realised how much u can organise yourself and fit so much into a tiny bag !:talking:
The monkey is their signature as they are called Kipling who wrote the Jungle Book. I really thing its not a monkey but an ape and named for King Louis from the Jungle Book. They donate money to apes and monkeys rescue.
I like my Kipling bags, especially as every day work/weekend bags. I know where to find my keys, my phone, my ID badge for work and my car park card without having to think too hard at the beginning or the end of the day :sleepy: Take the monkey off if you don't like them and donate to a charity shop. Plenty of young girls will buy them.
The monkey is the first thing I take off my Kipling bags - I give them to my neice.

My fave bag at the moment is the 'Trudy' medium grab bag - it is like a tardis inside - room for everything and room to spare!!!
I have recently........... can I bring myself to say this............ found..........


and not a monkey in sight

I like too! Only I live in Northern Ireland so I'm trying to work out my carriage costs. UK, but not UK mainland. So does that mean I'm living on an offshore island or the EU :thinking2:
Tsv details


Kipling Elodie Medium Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Strap
Item Number: 144377
QVC Price £32.50
Today's Special Value Price £26.98
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.45

Refresh any outfit with this classic Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is an all over block colour with silver-look detailing. Choose a fresh summer shade - Blue, Pink, Ruby Pink or Emerald - or go for wardrobe staples with Black or Flannel (grey). Inside you'll find one main compartment with four smaller pockets to keep you organised. Wear this bag over your shoulder or across your body with the adjustable shoulder strap included. A monkey keyring completes the look. 100% nylon; wipe clean only. Measures about 28.5cm x 21cm x 5.7cm (11.3" x 8.3" x 2.3").
Thanks SCW.....nice bag and not too bad price tag :)

Downside...if only it was a bit bigger :(

Im confused now lol

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