Kipling TSV 4th January 2009


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Im up for that...its my daughters 25th birthday on the 4th, i think i deserve a pressie lol :D
Ooh can't wait for that,it's my big 4-0 on 13th Jan so hope to get myself a nice present!:1:

Mine in late Feb - no actually, that's wrong it's my 3-0! Of course it is, 2008 less 1969 - definitely 30 - on my calculator at least!
Quite right too! I've been lying about my age for some time too.....:54:

I don't think, (and am constantly being told) that I don't look my age. Sometimes, though I wonder whether it might be better that someone thinks i look young for almost 40, than a very old 25! I've decided, while I won't lie, I won't actually be correcting everyone!
Have any of the TSV Tech's out there found out what this TSV is going to be yet ???

I know ive asked this already, sorry for being impatient :1: x
Oooh I like it..but I got a Shia bag in juicy pink for Christmas so I dont really need another....or do I :33:

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