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Jul 24, 2008
Hi everyone can anyone recommend a good wallet style Kipling Purse? Thanks !
I don't like purses with press-stud closures as I feel they don't last.

My personal favourite is the Futurist, removing the cord & keyring before being brought into service. It's quite a compact size but has plenty of places to put cards etc. as a good Kipling item should. I've been using this style constantly for the past few years albeit in a varity of colours. I've just placed an order on the Kipling website & ordered a couple more as they have quite a few colours in the sale.
I bought this purse last year in espresso brown and I love it. It has got 23 reviews and everyone seems to like it.

Kipling New Money Double Compartment Purse
QVC Price£23.00
Item Number126599
Im using the kipling new money purse in azure blue, i like it, not too big not too small

I got mine from ebay for £12.00
The new money purse is in the Kipling website sale for £17.12 in some of the colours which is cheaper than either qvc or ebay - not sure how much the postage is though.
I have used the Kipling Brownie for years, it is quite large though, but it does have loads of card slots & room for stamps, vouchers etc.
I have recently bought a New Money purse, as I fancied a smaller purse for a change. It is good but doesn't have many card slots, but i had a Kipling Visit card carrier as a free gift a while ago & use that for cards I don't use very often.
I bought a Brownie in Madrid airport last September and I love it...plenty of slots for cards, loyalty cards etc and 3 money/notes pockets which are great for receipts, stamps, dry cleaning tickets etc as I don't have any money and then there is the zipped pocket for change!

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