Kipling bags!!!!!


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I love Timmy x
Jun 24, 2008
Which kipling bags turn in to a bum bag i carnt seem work it out i have brain fog today full of cold :(

Thanks Girlies x
HI, I think it is the Tinos Basic Small Shoulder Waist Bag, 135488 £20.98

I have one of these - don't wear it around my waist (working on recalling where waist is) and it is probably the most useful thing I have ever bought from QVC. I use it mostly for the gym. It holds my small purse, two sets of keys, and an inhaler. There are several compartments. It is so compact it fts in the cup holders of the gym machines and means I do not have to trust valuables to the lockers.

It would be really good if you wanted to go anywhere carrying just the bare minimum. Well worth the money.

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