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nothing about this persuaded me to buy. I wonder, however, how many were sold. I must confess right across Kim's range her sizing astounds me, so I think most designers' sizing varies. I find her 2xl and 3xl sizing much smaller in the chest than most other brands.
The dress I bought a good few years ago fitted everywhere except it was too small across the bust.
Yes I find this too. For busty reasons I need a size 22 sometimes a 24 but the sizes don't seem to me at least to correlate with our sizing, mind you it is not just with Kim to be fair.
Her employees apparently try on all the sizes, so I wonder if Canadian women are just different shapes to us. I just find her sizing skimpy so I haven't bought anything of hers for a long time.
I wear XL in Kim’s tops, dresses for a high street 16l18, 38 HH bust IF the fabric includes elastane. If it doesn’t (linen look cardi) I size up to a XXL. I wear L in skirts and trousers for a High street 14/16.
I have been wearing Kim & co for nearly two decades and sizes have stayed consistent BUT fabrics have changed to become thinner and lighter.
Hope this helps.
My local M&S has virtually the same dress in petite and regular for £17 and £19!
I have looked for comparable clothes to Kim & Co online and high street but am always disappointed. They usually are cut differently around shoulders, arms, skimpier with material or do not contain elastane or need ironing.
I would love to find cheaper comparable clothes but I haven’t.
Although, your M&S dress looks similar, it fails me and my awkward shape for above reasons.
I look forward to other suggestions. I would like to save money and continue my move away from QVC, I would love more natural materials.

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