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Jul 8, 2008
Mum recently bought a pair of Kim & Co's crop trousers in Ace White. She likes to wash stuff before wearing it, so these went into the machine on a light wash on their own. Once they'd been washed and were wet they absolutely stank. If we had cats, we'd have thought that one of them had done its business in the washing machine. In fact, it was so bad and so strong that the trousers had to go outside. Has anyone else ever had this with these? The black ones didn't do it, just the white. Needless to say, they are one their way back!
If you get a smell from new clothes it is always because of the DYE, usually because it is a cheap Dye and they have not used the Chemical that should be mixed with it to make it Colourfast, but you will always lose a little colour even when it's Dyed correctly.

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