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Nov 1, 2008
sunny cornwall
just ordered the hot pick, Animal print cami and cardi set, any one else got this set? is it nice? not bought any of KIM AND CO before.:40:
sorry iamasmall,absolutely no idea but its on todays hotpicks £57.45
and its on 3 easy pays [never take much notice of item no]:40:
hi roxy, yes its lovely, not sure what colour you chose, but it is always nice to wear something unusual which you will no see loads of others wearing.

the midnight blue would be nice for the xmas party scene and can be changed for a different look either dressed up or down, the orange is on trend colouewise, and the green would be nice to remind us in winter that spring is on its way.

Yes Roxy, I have this one in the animal print from when it was a TSV. Very comfortable, very flattering, lovely colours in the animal print colourway.

Some of Kim's prints are a little wild for my taste but this one looks great with jeans or a plain black skirt or trousers. Kim & Co doesn't have many fans on the forum, in part due to Kim's "enthusiastic" presentation shall we say and in part to some of her busy prints and designs (the recent jumpsuit springs to mind). However, I don't mind confessing I have quite a few basic pieces which I use as easy care basics for my working wardrobe, mostly black trousers and plain skirts.

Hope you'll be pleased with it. :1:
I'm not a huge fan of Kim's stuff, but I love the sequin top that was on this evening. Kim mentioned this afternoon that she had a very famous cousin who is a singer. I'm really curious to know who it is!

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