Kaftans value for money ?


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Of course they are! ;) Just think of the versatility when you're not actually wearing them:-

Extra layers on the bed during these very cold spells
Tablecloths and the intense prints wouldn't show any spills, etc.

Come on, this is just the beginning......:54:
Very surprised Mommabear hasn't added to this thread, we all know she wears them 24/7:ANYWORD:
Are you two taking the pith again? :rolleyes:

Of course, and if you really get stuck, end up stranded somewhere in the woods, just find a couple of large sticks, remove your kaftan, insert sticks, and voila, you have a tent to shelter under for the night.

Fabulous things, Kaftans!!!

My new years resolution is to be more experimental so I'm going to buy the brightest most vibrant kaftan IW has to offer.....not to wear, I'm having a bash at hang gliding, not only will the beautiful satinesque material catch the thermals a treat and shoot me up to dizzying heights but also, the air rescue team will be able to spot me a mile off.
Up, up and awaaaaayyy in my beautiful my beautiful bloon :54:

I can't wait!... I'll have to make sure I dodge Howard being flung out over the north east :22:

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