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Jun 30, 2008
I have just finished watching an hour with Mike Saint, I have to say I haven't laughed so much in ages. I'm in bed with the flu and was feeling sorry for myself so I flicked through the shopping channels as you do and saw Mike:32: Generally I like his style of presenting and always thought he could sell ice to eskimos:53: but blow me fecking down, wtf is all that sh*te he is trying to sell. He had a Xmas mystery box for £25 and inside it was a pile of old poundshop tat:11: then he had a 2 tier drinks table with castors that was his selling point lol and he gave us a free magazine rack:20:. He also had a toy pack for the younger kids, the toys were so naff I'm sure if you gave them to your kids they would ask you if santa is skint this year:32:.

If this is what he offers all the time on his channel then I definetly won't be buying ever C'mon Mike I'm sure you can source better quality and more useful items than this pile of poo. I really like you as a presenter and really want to throw my hard earned loot at you:53:
Hi MOMAD sorry you are ill and hope you get better soon.

glad to see you back. :1:
Ohh I get it now laptray=laptop tray I think Mike was playing with words :30: Thanks Rentochops for that lol. I've had this damn flu for 10 days now and I've been so sick I can't keep down other medicines I need to take routinely, bliddy nightmare it's been:56: Roll on fecking summertime:32:
Oh dear MOMAD you do sound utterly fed up so here you go.......

Hope you are feeling better soon xxxxxxxx
See virtual flowers never die, thats what I like about them.

I prefer them to real ones that do die.

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