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Aug 9, 2008
South Coast in sunny Sussex
I bid online for a fire opal ring - went to checkout and it said "Input card number only", so I did. Then it said "Input card validation number" Not sure what this was, except for the security number on the back, so I put that in, clicked Confirm, only to get a message saying again "Input card number only". This to-ing and fro-ing continued several more times, then I got fed up and phoned them, to be told CS were closed until 8am tomorrow. I mentioned the fact that some people had had problems with items being removed from baskets if they didn't checkout immediately because there was no correllation between online ordering and tv ordering - I was told this did not happen (so why have peope on here had that problem?)

Then I went back to my basket, to be told there were 0 items in it. I haven't received an Order Confirmation (with other channels this happns immediately.)

So, to put me out of my misery until tomorrow, do you think my item actually checked out, and will I get an Order Confirmation?

I really think CS should be there all the time the auctions are going on.
I have found that the order confirmation sometimes takes a while to come through, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Did you include spaces when you input your card number? If so, that could have caused the problem - unless it was just the website being crazy, of course.
I did it both ways MissM - think I left out the spaces the last time and that's when it seemed to go through - or at least it didn't protest...But there was no indication it had checked out - normally there's a message saying "You have checked out successfully" or something...
I suggest you try clicking on "MY ACCOUNT" at the very top right hand corner of the homepage. You will then be able to see your web orders (with the most recent at the bottom - you might need to click "MORE" to go to the second page if you have placed quite a few web orders).

You should then be able to see whether you did, in fact, succeed in placing the order - good luck!
Why didn't I think of that lol! Yep, it's there...:1: Thanks MM!

Believe it or not, it's for OH not me...No he isn't going funny on me...He loves gemstones (only a recent thing, since discovering bling channels lol) and has been after a fire opal, so I saw this one for £29 and thought I'd get it for him - I probaby won't wear it 'cos the colour isn't me, so he can add it to his collection...

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