Just had a surprise delivery


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sunglasses removed !
Jun 24, 2008
DPD man called with a package, very out of the blue because I haven't checked my basket out.

In it were two beautiful pairs of earrings

I assume I must have had two comp wins in one day and before the rule you had to say Hi in the chatbox. I was logged in but it was the day with lots of techie problems and I lost the chatbox.

I am well chuffed

Many thanks Rocks !!! :thanks:
Wow, lucky thing Julie, Jan also won 2 comps. yesterday.

It sounds as though you love the earrings too Julie, so it was an even nicer surprise. Enjoy wearing them.

I'm not lucky in competitions either. Steve said he still has thousands of Sarah's CDs in his garage and I haven't even won one of those! :sadsmilie:

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