Jumping to the phone... and other phrases you hate


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Jilly is on and was introducing the TSV stating how many people had jumped to the phone to order it.

I really really really reallly reaaaalllllly hate it.

Did I mention I hate that phrase

Which phrases got on your nerves? Or am I just hyper sensitive????????:tongue2::tongue2::tongue2::giggle::giggle::giggle:
It is the "jump on the phone" one that gets me!! Why would I want to jump on my phone??? :laughing:
blah, blah, blah, teachers' gifts...:devil: The only thing I have ever wanted to give teachers is a piece of my mind.
Mentioning the jewellery is handmade in a suarti hour in every other sentence. We are not stupid. You only need to say something once.

This item has arrived in fashion magazines is another thing that annoys me. I am sure if I looked hard enough I could find a picture of my toilet roll and claim that has been in a fashion mag.

Fashion forward is a little annoying as well. I get images of zombies dressed in qvc gear staggering towards me trying to eat my money.
When AY insists on saying "Packaging & Postage" when everyone else says it the other way round...............:33:
.........especially when worn with a "Trouser". :cheeky:

and 'I've alraedy ordered mine...' Lies, all lies.

...and no matter how cheap or expensive a piece of jewellery, we can always wear it with a white t-shirt and pair of jeans. Who told them that we all like/tend to wear t-shirts and jeans?:envy:
Miss Jilly-only-got-one-hairstyle (And thats c**p) telling me tonight that I could split the Phillip Kingsley TSV into 3 gifts.

Why would I want to do that ???????????????
I hate the price quoted in pounds and then they add "and the change" for the pence. Drives me absolutely flaming mad-if the change is so ****** insignificant, don't charge it-round it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate it when AY is explaining how to use a product and says "and I want you to do this FOR ME". Why would I do it for HER? I'd do it for myself. SO patronising.

Also when they say how affordable something is at X price ignoring the P&P like it isn't real money!
This is selling very quickly INDEED!....followed in the next sentence by...
This is selling very quickly INDEED!.................aaaghhh!:clock:
'Your price is...'

'The price for you...' favourites of Jill 'amaaaaaazing' Franks.

Who else would the price be for so why constantly say it? It would make sense if she were to say 'Your price is whatever, and my price is whatever'...but if we're all paying the same price where's the sense?

She says it every single time she mentions the price and it drives me crazy!!!


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