Julian stop telling porkies !


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Jun 24, 2008
Just been watching the presentation with the hard disk freeview, Julian mentioned he pays £10 a month for Sky+ so you can recoup the £180 they are charging for the Humax in 18 months, trouble is Sky+ has been free for about a year and a half, proply not intentional but he has misleaded the viewers somewhat
Sorry Deanos but not to all Sky subscribers - i still pay an extra £10 per month for my SKY+!!? - i'll be onto Sky today to check this one out though. Linda
Sky+ has been free for well over a year to every subscriber, are you sure you are not getting it mixed up with multiroom or the HD sub.

Taken from the Sky site...

Sky+ subscription required to use Personal Video Recorder features of Sky+ (free for Sky TV subscribers while you subscribe to any Sky digital package)

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