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Jun 24, 2008
Sorry, but is Julia Roberts' appearance not just getting a wee bit ridiculous? i was watching the electronics hour, and she was standing most of the time so we could see a dress/top that was neither one nor the other worn with trousers and these hideous flip flops. Add the great mane of poor condition hair which IMO is now beyond middenous and her over the top performance and she began to remind me of Ellis Ward!!!!
Some days she looks terrific but others she looks like a big shaggy mass of hair.
I do like her though.
We all have our off days, but maybe someone should have taken her to one side and just had a quiet word with her before going on air.
:11: Please bear in mind, she did say in the 'Bet Lynch & Wilson' show, she doesn't usually work 'the weekend'.
Unlike the rest of us !!
For a woman of 50ish she looks great.I prefer her hair when its straight it though,looks a lot nicer.Blimey we all have our off days!!
She does look great but I think the awful footwear really lets her down. What is it with the flip flops????
She probably suffers with her feet and so the flip flops are like slippers for you! And I imagine most people here know that when your feet aren't happy, the rest of you ain't happy either!:17:
Somebody has to tell her that those freebie B&W smocks are hideous. Last week she wore a black top that followed her lines and she looked great.

I agree about those awful smock things.
If ever a model was to persuade me 'what not to wear' this has to be the one.
Julia looks fab in her nice little karen millen tops etc
I think she danced for many many years and has "dancers' feet". My daughter is 13 and her feet are starting to look not very pretty and as for some of the girls at the dance school she goes to - plenty of yucky feet there too.
Julia had Polio as a child and was left with slightly uneven legs/feet.
:11: Please bear in mind, she did say in the 'Bet Lynch & Wilson' show, she doesn't usually work 'the weekend'.
Unlike the rest of us !!

When Julia said this Simon looked aghast and said "when you work in retail you never get the weekend off" Julia then said "i'm not in retail i'm a TV presenter" - i laughed out loud,if she's not in retail then what is she in? and a TV presenter? Look out Davina(she lives in Julia's village dont we know) McCall - JR's on the warpath!!

That said i enjoy Julia's hours on QVC - she is much easier on the eye and has great proununciation than some of her other female colleagues but i wish she would stop wearing those B&W tents and get a few inches off her hair.

I emphasise with her re her father passing away - its still hard for me after 15 years!! so i cant imagine what she is feeling a year down the line. Its lovely to hear the pride/love in her voice when she mentions her mum - her mum sounds like a great female role model - in her eighties and still teaching dancing, you go girl.
I really like Julia and agree that sometimes she looks great but other times, oh dear! :aargh:

You'd think her daughter would tell her about the hair/tents/flip-flops wouldn't you. Mine CERTAINLY would, I can't get away with anything! :manic:

There again, you have to admire her. When she does the Pilates shows she really doesn't give a toss what she looks like and in the past she has appeared on the Models Prefer shows with no make-up on!
Julia is one of my favourite presenters, her voice is easy on the ear. And even if I am a male, I'd kill for hair like hers' :32:. She always comes over as someone it would be easy talk too. I used to love it when she was on with Paul Lavers. They made you laugh.

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