John Scott reduced me to tears!!


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Jun 24, 2008
Was anyone watching John in the wee hours this morning? I'm on holiday this week so wasn't in a hurry to get to bed which was just as well because John Scott kept me up!

Anyway, he did an impersonation of Jerrilee which was worthy of an Oscar! I was crying with laughter it was hilarious. Hope some of you saw it and hope me posting this doesn't get John into trouble! They should just sack everyone else and keep John tied to the desk day and night - bet their sales would rocket! :Laughing1:

John you are a superstar :Notworthy:

Anyway, he did an impersonation of Jerrilee which was worthy of an Oscar! I was crying with laughter it was hilarious. John you are a superstar :Notworthy:
Oh Damn!! I was watching until nearly 1am but then just had to turn the tv off cos of work today. :49:I wish I'd seen it Klos, just the thought of it is making me smirk. :D I wonder if he could be persuaded to do it again?? Perhaps if we all email him next time he's on............;) :pPC:
I missed it too, the two hour break is too long for me, I had been side-tracked by the time he came back. Do you think Rocks have found the perfect presenter?

Argey :18:
What happened to the thread that Klosblue posted with the YouTube vid?? :confused: Luckily I saved it......and yes it is bliddy hilarious. :SUE: I bet 'Dairylea Boner' hates it. :Button it Sue!!!: :D :pPC:
Brilliant! However, if they know she comes across like that, why is she still on our screens?
Morning ladies
Its me thats in tears today as I am doing days for the next 2 days during the day instead of my normal night shifts (Sunday and Monday) so make sure you tune in at 10am-noon and 2.30 til 5! Its been a struggle to get up and get in so come and keep me company !!!
Morning John!! :YIPPEE: May not be able to watch much this morning but will be glued to the sofa with my pussies this afternoon to have a good time with you. :lock1: Only trouble with days (apart from losing your beauty sleep or getting over a night on the tiles ;) ) is the pesky watershed............:lipsrsealed: :pPC:
hey John

Of course we'll keep you company! Watching you during the day (at weekends) is better than not seeing you at all ....just dont make too good a job of working days ... they might change your shift altogether and we'd never get to see you :17:(some of us have to work to support our Rocks and Co habbit!!)

Just going to tune in now... is this your pennance for impersonating 'you know who'?

keep your chin up, heres some coffee :44:...oh and remember ... even at 5pm, its still a wee bit before the tv watershed!!! :32:


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