John Scott, even managed to get my hubby to tune in


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kunzite convert
Jun 24, 2008
How hilarious was John Scott last night, he even managed to get my hubby to sit down and take interest, to the point where he bought me a moldavite ring:11:!!!
My favourite comment has to be when john was talking about light refraction and said 'to me and you thats sparkly' had me in fits of giggles, not good when you're trying to dye your hair:20:

Keep it up John hope you're on later
Oh you lucky thing! I saw one moldavite ring go and thought it looked lovely.

My OH likes John too - usually if I've got a gems channel on when he walks into the room he just gives a strange sort of sigh. At least he'll watch John, though he hasn't yet got to the stage of buying me anything (except, of course, when I use his cc!)
Rebecca I hope you'll still speak to us now that you're famous! Two mentions tonight from John - once saying you had text in asking about a Moldavite Pendant to go with the ring your husband bought you and the second time telling everyone about your husband buying you the ring! You better watch out for the Paparazzi now! :Notworthy: :Notworthy:
lol dont worry i wont let my head get too big, im still waiting for the ring to be delivered as soon as it is ill post pics up, its been a while since ive bought any bling, i was beginning to go cold turkey lol<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>

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