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Jun 24, 2008
I really enjoyed watching the Joe Browns show on at 5pm today. It's the first time I've watched Ideal World in ages. I buy a lot of stuff from Joe Browns anyway, but it was good to see the items being modelled as they look very different in the catalogue. I didn't order anything from IW though as I'd rather order direct from JB, whose customer service is very good!
I watched the show too - thought the fashion was really lovely, nice to see a range that looks well made and 'with it' on one of the channels for once. Still wouldn't get me to buy from IW though ;), have bookmarked the JB website to browse for when I'm a bit more flush...
Do you get the 'bonus' scarf chucked in if you order on their website? :wonder2:

No, the bonus scarf was especially for Ideal World customers. But it would take a lot more than a scarf to persuade me to order from IW again! :giggle:

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