joanne married or not


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Jun 29, 2008
i have noticed for a while she no longer has a wedding ring on. i was wondering if anyone else had noticed or knows anything about it.

she's a very attractive lady but god can she talk :21::21:
Joanne Married or Not

I have been wondering for some time if She is no longer Married,on the IW Website Presenters Section on Joanne's Profile her Husband is not mentioned but yet I have heard her mention Him in the Last Few Weeks
i think i should come to ideal world & take her under my wing & teach her how to make life better.

lesson 1 talk less
lesson 2 listen more
lesson 3 do lesson 1 & 2 & i'll allow you to keep me warm at night, i'm away for a very cold shower
Any new partner would have to be completely deaf :32:. She is a lovely looking girl, but she comes over as very pushy. Not my cup of tea at all. I also think she is a useless presenter. It's a toss up between her and SW who is the biggest waste of space on IW in my opinion.
Some time ago she referred to her ex - when she had stopped wearing her wedding ring - and then a little while ago she started making references to her boyfriend. So there you are! She seems happy enough so good luck to her!
thank you mia for shattering my dream of joanne being my bed warmer (i will now need to sell the new ear plugs i bought, on e-bay:11:)
I think she's a pleasant enough person but she reminds me of a child desperate for attention and clingy, any man taking her on will have their work cut out.

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