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Jun 24, 2008
Cupcake heaven
I thought Jo Woods was on QVC recently flogging her wares but she popped up on IW last night ... Came across as a bit of a Lulu (as in didn't know too much about some of the ingredients / what was in each product and left it to her 'right hand' woman to talk about those). Have to say I love the smell of the products (got some samples) but would never order from here.
I'm always a bit dubious when the "facelift" brigade start touting skincare/beauty products...even though this was more body care as opposed to face cream. I thought the stuff looked lovely, but way out of my price range, despite what they said, I do wonder how much of this range is actually Jo Wood, or whether she's just a mouthpiece for the company. I think "Linda Lusardi used to do a range of skincare, that she puportedly "invented".

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