JML launch trio of rebranded channels


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<img src="/images/JML%20Logo.jpg%20Tab%202008.jpg" border="0" alt="JML" title="JML" hspace="4" align="right" />JML, which has seven shopping channels, will launch Home & DIY and Shop Now TV on Sky channels 653 and 661 respectively. This will be followed by a rebrand of JML’s Beauty Shop to JML Lifestyle in March on Sky 666.<br /><br />JML’s Home and DIY channel will let shoppers buy top-notch DIY products at affordable prices. It will be targeted at a male audience.<br /><br />The newest member of JML’s family, Shop Now TV, will offer viewers unbeatable TV deals and clearance bargains. A complementary website, <a href=""></a>, will launch in March. <br /><br />Ken Daly, JML’s Group Managing Director says: “Shop Now TV originally aired in 2007. We feel that during these tough times it’s right to bring back the brand as bargain-savvy shoppers want unbeatable deals. It’ll have the strong customer services that shoppers associate with JML.”<br /><br />JML Lifestyle will launch on the 2nd of March. It will replace the incumbent JML Beauty Shop on Sky 666. It’s a shift in strategy from beauty to a lifestyle brand. Its focus will be on health, fitness and general lifestyle.

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