Jill Frank's Expecting????


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Is Jill Frank's Pregnant, or is it just the Tunic Top she is wearing and the angle she is standing....
I'm glad someone else noticed - I've been trying to work it out for the whole hour..... she definitely looks like she's pregnant. Unless she ate a lot of Thornton's one time only chocolates yesterday which I very much doubt.
For a split second I thought the same thing. Her hair looks good today mind, I love the colour.
How many times have I told her to chew the bleedin Maltesers before swallowing????
I think its just the top, seems all the fashion these days for the big tunic long tops over trousars, the dresses seem to be styled the same as well these days.
Hi Hampton, you look familiar:54:

How old is Jill Franks? Maybe a little over the hill for pregnancy?:1:
I thought that too on the recent health and fitness shows - its probably a little extra weight because she is so slim.
I hardly think she is too old. In my family there are quite a few of us who had children in their forties and my aunt had my cousin when she was 53 (naturally,in 1976-claims not to have even know she was pregnant until he popped out-thought he was the menopause lol!)so there's still time in old Franks yet though I would be surprised as she seems to view babies like AY does plus she is obsessed with being thin.

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