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Sep 2, 2008
South Wales
Hi there everyone :1:

Does anyone know if the jewel boxes are anti-tarnish? Have asked a number of times directly but keep getting fobbed off. Surely it shouldn't take this amount of time to find out???

I know the question was asked when the jewel boxes were first put on for auction - how long ago was that?? I can't remember, but i do know i've had mine for a few weeks now.

If anyone has any updates on the jewel box, could you put it here please :1: I still want the box as its a lovely one, but need to know if my jewels will be in trouble if left within it lol.

I'm guessing the boxes aren't tarnish resistant as i'm sure they would have known otherwise if they were - great selling feature!!!

Thanks for your time xx
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I would assume that they are not anti tarnish as we would have known by now! Maybe they will re design the box and make them anti tarnish. Makes sense as they do sell lot of silver.
I would seriously doubt it Appleby - anti-tarnish is quite a specific thing, and they would know if they were.
Very very few jewellery boxes are anti-tarnish (I'm only aware of the prezerve ones on QVC, which are what I buy).
But it's bad that they can't give you the answer to your question, I have to say. I suppose they don't want to admit that they never even thought of going for anti-tarnish ones!
I also doubt that the boxes are anti-tarnish but I bought one anyway. My Gems boxes have been fine but a jewellery box I bought from a department store tarnished my gold jewellery. I was livid but couldn't return it as I bought it on holiday. I just hope the Rocks boxes won't do that or I will not be pleased.
When this question was asked on chat, didn't they say that they didn't know and that they were going to check with the manufacturer? I'm guessing it's not anti-tarnish, as wouldn't you get some kind of sticker inside the box stating that it is?
Thanks everyone for your responses - its pretty much as i guessed. Just hope my new jewels are safe in it :1:

Have a good evening all x
Congrats Appleby on winning the competition. Pictures when you receive it please. Black diamond necklace.......wooohoooo.....
Hi all,

Tony has emailed the supplier of the boxes a couple of times to ask this question and they have not got back to him.

I think that the best thing is to assume that they are not anti-tarnish.

Kind regards


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