Jan Springer


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Ohhh Mrs James. Do I think a bit of a theme going on here - every presenter in a smock in preggers.:lol:
With his dress sense he was probably wearing a romper suit!!!

This might be his kind of thing!!

well you know just a thought, we seem to have a pregnancy epidemic going on in my office at the moment so speculation is rife for any woman between 18 and 64 at the mo, any bloating is speculated on and one woman was seen pottering around mothercare today at lunchtime, when 20 mins later it reached my ears that it was 100% deffo that she is now pregnant i had to break it to the news bringer that she was actually browsing for a prezzie for her new great grand child
Wot a relief - I thought I was pregnant when I saw meself in a smock, but I'm just fat!

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