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Jun 24, 2008
He is on price-drop tv tonight for the first time and very funny he is too. In the middle of a drop he goes have I got a new director. Either that or hes had a sex change.

They also had the hose on again and he sent Erica Street who has only just returned today to price-drop tv out of the studio so we got to see a nice behind the scenes.

Didnt she used to be on bid tv?
i hope he will be on price-drop again in the future he was as good as peter simon
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I have seen James Whale on his own show before (in the 90s probably) and I think he looks totally unnatural doing shopping telly.

I watched him for the first time tonight and it was cringeworthy. To fill time he would count down the number of items left to the extent where it became tedious.

I did find him extremely funny when he was trying to sell a Scholl massager earlier, and he told his assistant that he was a "man's man" and therefore expected her to massage him and said he hoped Mrs Whale was watching!

I don't think I'll ever get used to James Whale flogging stuff on bid.tv. It doesn't feel right that he is there and I wonder why he is......this is just my observations as an oldie who remembers him from his own show. Please don't shoot me down for it. It just doesn't work for me.

Times must be hard.....I couldn't believe it when I saw James Whale......same goes for Paul Ross (is he still on?)
I cant believe that james whale and paul ross are on shopping telly. I did like James Whales radio show but not his tv show. Is Paul Ross still covering tv programmes on This Morning? Just seems a bit strange to me.
a superb broadcaster

strange by lbc has a massive fanbase for a radio host in this day and age

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