I've taken the plunge...


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
After flicking on and off the channel for a while i've finally taken the plunge. Placed an order today for 323 590..multi gem ring set in silver for £17! Will report back when it arrives.:8:
Hey Twinny good for you. Hope you love it. Remember the pics - I would do them for you but David Bailey has me booked up to help him for a while!! :Laughing1:
Can't wait to see the piccy or hear what you think of it Tabs.

Tabs would love to see the photo of your first ring! I have resisted so far but they do seem to have some stunning pieces.
Hiya Tabs that ring looks really lovely their prices are really good on silver aren't they hope you get your order soon.

Melusina - was told yesterday by customer services that computer glitches are still NOT resolved I've waited 15 days now for an order asked yesterday if I could cancel the order as unacceptable time delay and they said no because they can't see orders on system yet, really can't understand why it is taking weeks to sort this out so order might arrive sometime? no idea if it will ever turn or not. Ordered a pair of earrings last Thursday (on the web) and they have arrived today so orders are very hit and miss:confused:
Hi PandaBear

Thanks for letting me know about the ongoing computer problems. It doesn't inspire much confidence, does it? I can't believe you've been waiting 15 days and still no confirmation that your order is going to be shipped. I may get mine before Christmas then if I'm lucky! Fingers crossed you get it sorted soon. :hug: M x
OMG Twinny!!! This is soooo spooky!! That's MY ring :Faint:

Check my thread called "Rubbish Pics" and if you have good eyesight you might recognise it although a magnifying glass will also help as the pic is just a wee bit small! It's really nice - pretty pastel colours and lovely and sparkly too. I love it so hope you do too.

See - we WERE seperated at birth!!


OOps - wrong pic!!


That's better :Thumbsup:

Hehe Spooky Twinny:11:...very Halloween-ish lol!! I dont suppose you have "479 570" or "285 669" too? Added those to an order today too! :54:

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