Is this the 'Butler' from 'Butler and Wilson'?


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Jun 29, 2008
While looking on 'You Tube' for video's of unnusual gemstones I came across this...

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...quite surreal as he reminds me so much of Simon Wilson in an alter-universe. Does anybody know if this is the missing 'Butler' from 'Butler & Wilson'? I wonder why he isn't with the firm anymore, there's never been a very clear explaination about why his name remains but he has not.
I have to agree, I've been looking at his jewellery on 'You Tube' and it's all lovely...I wish QVC could give us some of his stuff!
My word, Nicky Butler seems so similar to Simon, makes you wonder why they parted company? Probably the usual creative differences.:33:
He is similar to Simon in accent and the way he moves his hands to describe things.

Anyone know how long they actually ran Butler & Wilson together?

Simon has done amazingly well, did not realise Nicky still designed.
Yes it is the Butler in Butler and Wilson. Nicky Butler (I think) lives in the USA and sells his stuff on HSN. I've watched him a few times in the States.
I remember long ago a Tcaller asked about Nicky Butler. Simon Wilson said he wanted to expand and move to America and Simon didn't so he stayed in Britain.
SW said Nicky was having great sucess in America and seemed really pleased for him.
butler and wilson are opening a sale shop next door to thier south molton street shop.
more info later i am off to the gym!
Yep, a beautiful man indeed.

I've googled his jewellery before and it is stunning, no 'twee' cats or dogs or silly t-shirts.
Very interesting! I've often wondered about the 'Butler' in B&W. Is he still a partner in the business? Were they 'partners' in any other way too??
I have seen his silver jewelry on the internet before, but the first time on TV and he is like Simon's twin.

I do remember Simon saying even though they had parted he was still very much part of their history so that's why he had kept the name Butler & Wilson. Also they started in business after buying some of the Duchess of Windsor's collection when it was all auctioned, they based much of their designs on that so that accounts for all the leopards etc.

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