Is QVC website down ?


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Mar 27, 2009
Just did not know if it was me or website. Problem started just as Kipling hour ended 6pm ish, and still not back up yet.
Maybe there was a Kipling meltdown.:53:
Seems to be running OK for me fluffiepig, try it again now maybe? :)
Thanks for trying for me...I think my hubby must have put a block on so i cant indulge anymore, he must be telepathic though he's still at work.:confused: its still not working but everything else is.....very strange.
#3 Can you try it on another browser? I.E. for example can be very flaky, try Firefox if you have it? :)
Or try clearing cookies & cache & rebooting! :45:
well whatever it was its now passed & working fine. Thanks for all your help peeps will look into options mentioned.:35:

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