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Crafty Beauty

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Jun 26, 2008
I just tried to watch a product video on hte QVC website and it's in all weird colours. I tried to watch QVC live on the website and it's the same. Is it my computer? Or is it the QVC website? Videos on places like Youtube play OK for me.
Oooh, I'm intrigued, off to have a look!

Just had a look CB and it all looks fine for me, don't know what to suggest if other sites streams are fine, sorry!
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Hmm, it's fine on my laptop too. I'll try again on the main PC later - if it's still weird, maybe I need to update some software (we've just had a new hard disk and I think some of the software that the technician added was older versions)
Crafty Beauty, I had this happen to me last week with with windows media player it turns out its the 3d acceleration once I turned it off everything was fine.

After you open windows media player right click on the windows flag, top left of the window. Go to tools, in performance use default buffering, video acceleration try it on none, If that doesn't work then put it back to what it is set to now, it must be something else.
Sounds like you might need to update your graphics drivers if you've had some old stuff put on the new hard disk, just a thought!

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