Is it me or have I missed somethiing


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Sep 27, 2009
Hi all I am new on here, Can I ask is it me or have I missed something, I was channel hopping last night and went onto IW at about 10.30pm, and was expecting to see A&B thought they were back on there, but no, (thank goodness) just Ellis, what happened did IW realise perhaps it was not such a good idea after all?
well they were on two weeks running and I thought were going to be on every sat at 10pm till Christmas, perhaps I got it wrong,
Hi scooby-do, welcome. Hopefully, A & B were only a temporary blip on IW. I think you will find a lot on here find that pair over the top. But at least, when they did Craft, you got a lot of different items, not the perpetual repeats that other Crafters' show.

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