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Is it just me but apart from the bright red and the juicy pink, the Kipling colours are soooo boring today.

There is about three shades of grey, black, navy, chocolate brown and umpteen beiges.

And the ridiculous priced leather bags verging on £200 (NB the credit crunch!!) they are cream or beige too.

As I say the bright red and juicy pink are great, but where are nice summery colours?
I agree. I loathe pastel colours though so I may be rather biased :)

Where's the beautiful purples, emerald greens and burgundys?
I had thought that because in the trailer for the hot pick (the bag and purse set) they show lilac and a lovely blue - like the blue lagoon. Did you see them on sale? Er no..... I bought a wacky stripes instead because that was the best they could do today.
I found a Kipling OTO for anyone interested,

Item No. 142 529 Pink jumble print Fairfax bag
Price 39.98 plus 4.45 p&p

Sorry can't do the link for this.
Quite agree, all the bag designers have gone hot pink mad ! In years gone by,there were lots of choice of different colours. Like them or not even the pastels are nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps the "new designer on board" that Lorraine was always quoting, has gone overboard !

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