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Anyone else get an invite email to visit Coloured Rocks on the 13th January?

Not going as I live in Belfast and too far to travel for a nose round.

Same here Donna. Too far to travel, unfortunately, and I'm going to Glasgow a week or two later so it's financially not on.
:1:Hi Donna
Yes i got one aswell..not sure if I'm going as yet, as I need to see if my sister gets an email invite, as I need someone with me as I'm disabled....would love to go though.

Mirabelle xx
yes, I had one & I'd love to go. Redditch isn't too far for me. Don't want to go on my own though, so I have to convince my sister to come with me - unless anyone else lives in Wiltshire who wants to go???
I got one and would love to's a long drive or train journey though so I've still to make my mind up....:33:
I got one too but alas I won't be going.
Husband may be away most of January for work (I don't drive), we have JJ on Tuesdays and I'm not a good traveller!
Eeeeeee, it'll be just like Thelma and Louise and Louise!!!

Watch out Redditch, the Belles are coming your way!!!!!:laugh:


(there's room for a little one if you live close enough to get to me!)


:lol1: :kiss:
I got the email too, but its a bit far for me to go. Mad and BH..I shall email Katherine and warn her of your pending arrivals :54:
Well it's a couple of hours drive but I reckon I'll be going......looked at the work I have for January and it falls just nicely for me being between assignments.:1:
Sadly had to say no to mine. Like Perdita, it's a long way down from Scotland and difficult to arrange time off. I'm sure those who are going will have fun though - have a great day.

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