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Sep 22, 2008
Hi, I'm seeking advice about this. I have a friend who is quite tempted to join QVC and order today's (23/10/08) TSV. She would like to know if anyone can advise as to the quality, sizing etc of this range. I can't say as I've never bought any of their stuff (bit OTT for me :))
Thanks in advance ladies.
I have only ever purchased one item from this range and had to return it for a smaller size. I am a 12/14 and the medium was really too big for me. The small fits me just fine. I don't know if this is the case with this range or if it just applied to that particular garment. The quality is good and you cannot deny that the pieces are unusual and expensive looking, though not to everyone's taste.
I've got a coat and the sizes come up quite generous, imho. I did order another jacket once but it was very thin and not suitable for bad British weather so I sent it back. Have to admit that my coat only appears at Christmas because they're, erm, quite 'loud'.
I like the look of Indigo Moon but haven't purchased anything 'cause I'm a trouser and t-shirt person (not white T-shirt) and don't go anywhere flashy enough to wear IM. They would clash with my kaftans as well.

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