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<img src="/images/channels/wwsskyshop/wws001.jpg" border="1" alt="wws sky shop" title="wws sky shop" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="right" />The UK's first Indian shopping channel WWS Sky Shop (World Wide Shopping) is set to launch on Sky Digital on Monday (11th August).<br /><br />The channel, which has been testing off the Sky EPG for the past few days, has confirmed to that WWS Sky Shop will be available on EPG 681 this week. It will compete directly with mainstream giants QVC and Ideal World as the channel will sit within the main 'Shopping' genre of the EPG.<br /><br />WWS Sky Shop claims to be the market leader in the Indian teleshopping industry with a full range of unique and innovative products at affordable prices, the products includes a complete range of herbal and health care products including several kinds of fitness equipments.<br /><br />Whilst the channel promotes it products on ZEE TV India, Sony Entertainment Television Asia India and STAR Plus India, it doesn’t have a 24-hour channel of its own. However this will now change with WWS Sky Shop experimenting a full time service in the UK for the first time. Initially some shows will be shown in pre-recorded format but it is expected a move towards live programming will be implemented later.<br /><br />Apurva Meratia of WWS Sky Shop told how excited the team was to launch in the UK. "This is a very happy occasion for WWS and we're looking forward to competing with the other UK shopping channels. This is the first of a kind in the UK market -a teleshopping channel from India. We're hoping this will prove a grand success."<br /><br />In the UK, there have been two attempts at Brit-Asian teleshopping, both of, which proved unsuccessful. Vectone Mall was the first to step foot into the teleshopping foray, followed by Apna Bazaar. The first closed within weeks of launching, whereas the latter had a longer run but eventually was removed from the Sky platform in April last year.<br /><br />Full video and audio testing can be tuned in by following the steps below:</p><ul><li> Using your Sky Digi remote, go to Services Menu</li><li>System Setup (4)</li><li>Add Channels (4)</li><li>Enter the frequency: 11.307 (V), FEC 2/3, Symbol Rate 27500</li><li>Find Channels and Press SELECT</li><li>Highlight "53340" service and press Yellow button.</li><li>Return to Services Menu</li><li>Other Channels (6) on STB / (8) on Sky+</li><li>"53340" should be listed and available</li></ul><p>Story reproduced with kind permission of <a href=""></a>
I don't know what it was called but I have seen another Indian shopping show selling Indian jewelery.

oh dear

listen for :-

'your slender collar bone'
'your shopping friend'
'goes lovely with your black outfit or your white coloured outfit'

i see green skin coming across the land - and you can only shop with them if you wear black coloured outfits, or possibly off-white outfits.

still - it killed ten minutes LMAO
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What a load of rubbish

Having read the write up I extolled the virtues of this "exciting" new channel to a lifelong friend who moved to England from India when she was 7. She was thrilled to think that there would be a TV outlet for Indian products because although she is very westernised she is proud of her heritage and like to buy genuine Indian items whenever she can.

She phoned me this morning to say how upset she was at the total lack of professionalism displayed by the presenters and their demeaning and degrading attitude towards women. As the owner of many amazing pieces of Indian jewellery she was alarmed to see the rubbish they are trying to flog! Intrigued by what she meant I had a look for myself and was appalled. I lost count of the times I heard the words "your lovely slender" neck or fingers. Everything is described as beautiful, lovely, stylish, unique,priceless and it twinkles like stars. Yee Gods its carp! None of it is real apart from the gold (hopefully) and the coloured stones are described as red colour, blue colour, green colour etc. with no attempt being made to liken it to say amethyst or sapphire.

I can see this channel falling foul of the ASA very quickly if they persist in describing items as 9k Diamond Y Gold Ring or American Diamond when in fact it is CZ. Although the price gives it away, I have seen a couple of items today where initially the only mention of CZ was in a written weight description. It was not until well into the sell that it was actually verbally explained. So far all I have seen is tack, pure unadulterated tack, and everything carrys P&P of £5.99!!:eek:

If this channel thinks it will give IW and QVC a run for their money they are very sadly mistaken. I'll be generous and give them 6 months max.
I just found this channel whilst skimming through the channels. I looked at the website, which is very poorly designed (most of the links don't even open). I would guess that, from the product descriptions, they might find themselves in trouble with the ASA.


"Hi Grow is a revolutionary product which increases height growth hormones in your body and gives a perfect height to your personality without any side effects."


"No wrinkle is an ayurvedic face cream that removes wrinkles & gives you a new, attractive & glowing look. "

And if you want to improve your living standards:

"Brisk walker is revolutionary exercise equipment which helps the user to maintain a healthy body and to lead a healthy life with high living standards."

Hmmm ... so I can be tall (I'm 4ft 11, so anything more than that would be an improvement), wrinkle-free and have a high living standard just from buying these products.
I watched the shopping channel when in India. Rubbish presenters rubbish products. couldn't believe it when I read it was being launched here. Some Indian jewellery is very nice but defo not like ours.
OMG! :eek:

i seem to be drawn to 681 like a moth to the flame!

today's speil for a £9.99 faux pearl pendant & earrings -

"beautiful enigmatic pearl designer jewellery...solitaire sized pearl in the middle & is surrounded with diamond like shiny crystals...on a silver coated chain...just look at it on my slender at WWS, just dial it!"

**i must not watch any more** :p
"Hello... its me again,yes thats right, your most economical host, here on WWS Just Dial it. You want a nice thing for your lovely ladies, yes hello ladies blah blah blah...."

£32.99 for a really small embroidered bag :S ?
My mum gets genuine leather bags from sit-up for £8.99 !

I wouldnt even give it 6 weeks Lexxy.

Before I go, "Just Dial it" :p
i've just seen a watch - and I quote

"it will tell you the right time"

yeah - but how will it look on my slender collar bone, and my creamy outfits

OMG! :eek:

i seem to be drawn to 681 like a moth to the flame!

Me too! It truly is train-wreck TV though, isn't it! I hope some of it survives on YouTube for future generations to enjoy, as it will surely be gone from our screens before the leaves turn brown on the trees.
It does rate very high on entertainment value tho, loved the other night when the girl kept pronouncing faux as fox when showing some faux pearls.
i feel soooooo bad for watching, but i'm glad it's not just me! :eek:

yes, the 'fox' got me for a few moments until it dawned on me what she was talking about :D

i have to say that the Guy presenter is a treat, he's just unreal! :eek: you know when you get a comedy sketch taking the mickey out of shopping channels, i swear he must style himself on that! :p

seriously though, they don't give any relevant info for whatever they're selling, no idea what anything is made of (unless it's 'genuine leather' hmm...), how big/small it is - nothing.

the main sales pitch seems to be "buy this & be the envy of your friends, gift this to your wife/girlfriend/mother & she will love you forever or this fantastic bargain for a very small amount of your hard earned money" :rolleyes:

plus, the amount of times they refer to 'gold', 'diamonds' etc, the ASA will have a field-day! :eek:
I've tried really hard to make allowances for 'cultural differences', but my god, this channel is awful.

I've been watching in appalled fascination for the last day or two, and frankly, I think 6 weeks is generous.

ah, i see Elise has joined the 'guilty pleasure watchers'! ;)

it is a shame they haven't got it right, whilst a lot of the stuff is complete pants - they do have some nice stuff too! :eek: :eek: some lovely handbags (too expensive for what they are tho) & they sell the beaded versions of the Stylee hair clip thingy (called African Butterfly from what i've seen on ebay) for only £5.99 each (but NOT a bargain when you add in the p&p :rolleyes:).

their UK website still wasn't up properly the last time i looked & as they give such little info either on screen or in the sales spiel, i wouldn't dare place an order at the moment...
I've got to get me some 'fox' diamonds!

BTW, just noticed that this is not a live channel. I'm even less impressed now - they can edit it and still goes out like that??! :eek::eek:

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