"INCREDIBLE" Dawn/Catherine's "in" word


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Jul 1, 2008
South Yorkshire
Just been watching the 2 hours craft with Catherine :yawn2: and Dawn. Is it just me or is there a distinct overuse of the word "incredible". I absolutely lost count of the number of times they used this word and to be honest, the goodies weren't incredible at all - in fact, some of them were really mundane.

P L E E Z E - both of you, find another description or SHUT UP :headbang:

P xx
I watched the show with a friend, and she said halfway through the show - "I bet the next item is also going to be incredible"!! From then on, we had a good laugh everytime the word came up. But it was also kind of annoying!
l noticed that too lol. Gosh l hate them two together as Catherine is up her bum. grrrrrrrrrrr
I watched too and didn't see anything incredible whatsoever!
These kits they sell - where's the talent in that? Anyone can press out some toppers and mount them on a pre-formed card - I don't get it. I have nothing against toppers at all - great for people in a hurry that make cards for charity, but they don't deserve the description 'hand made' - assembled by hand, perhaps.:cheeky:

I'm afraid I spent most of the time wondering when CH would stop fawning and wondering if my picture was faulty or has Dawn put on weight again. That's not meant as a bitchy remark, just a passing interest. I've struggled with my weight for the last 6 years and have nothing but sympathy for those who struggle. It was because someone on here was talking about the diet TSV and mentioned that they thought DB was using the stuff. CH looked about the same size as usual but the tops of Dawn's arms looked huge. Maybe it was an unflattering top.......
and .... don't forget folks, next week there's an "incredible" craft day with an "incredible" TSV and 3 hours of the "incredible" Chuntley to look forward to.

Note to self - either turn sound down or off for those 3 hours, if not more :sleepy:

Bitchy - me - nah :grin::grin::grin:

Pauline x
I thought Dawn looked larger than usual next to Catherine, then I wondered if CH had lost quite a lot of weight and that made Dawn look different. I can't think of a more diplomatic way of putting it sorry. I was looking forward to the rare opportunity to watch craft on my own without any disruption when I checked the tv guide and found CH was the presenter. That was that ruined then, although there wasn't anything exciting to be seen anyway as already pointed out in other posts. I got fed up of CH forgetting she was the presenter and Dawn does the crafting, constantly giving us advice and telling us how she uses these things to the point where I didn't buy an item I was interested in as Dawn didn't get to tell us everything that was in the kit before moving to the next item. I don't want to play craft bingo where I order something and wait till it is delivered before I find out what I have bought because mini me can't shut up.

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