In the Salon with Mary Cohr.....


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Jun 24, 2008
Newark On Trent Nottinghamshire
I assume this is the title of the show, rather than an Alison replacement.:p

I can't remember seeing this before, but may have missed it. The range is also available at the Beauty Room - which is Andrew Baggely's shop isn't it?

In the Salon with Mary Cohr • Thursday 31 Jul • 4pm

Beauty therapist, Mary Cohr, opened her first Beauty Institute in Bordeaux in 1938. Her products incorporate pure essential oils in a hydro-gelified formula that leaves the skin silky soft, not oily.
I think Mary Cohr products have been at QVC for a year or so now.
I had a moisturiser from this range as a free sample. It smelt lovely and was very nice on the skin. I think it was this one. Quite nice. Although I prefer decleor.:)
Our local salon says that Gatineau, Mary Cohr and Phytomer are all the same company.
I think Mary Cohr is huge in other parts of Europe. It is also a big sponsor of sports events. Quite a number of female tennis players are sponsored by them and also at Tennis, Ice Skating and various other sporting events there are often Mary Cohr boards showing that they are one of the sponsors of the event.

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