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Sep 27, 2009
I used to make little impulse buys on QVC jewellery quite regularly, always around the £30-50 mark, just as a wee treat now and then. I've bought some really pretty bits & pieces and was building up a nice wee collection, but the prices these days are totally prohibitive. I'm seeing rings selling for £70 that used to be around £40, and I just can't justify that at all.

Has anyone else been put off making wee impulse buys cos of the apparent massive hike in prices? I know that gold is very expensive these days, but even the silver jewellery has gone through the roof.

Cheers, CountessK.
You are totally right countessK and the surreal rise in prices has been remarked upon several times already here, so it's not just us two who have noticed this.
Just an example: checking my account, I see that I bought this Honora necklace on the 1st of October 2008 for £25 + P&P. I seem to remember that this might have been an OTO or a special offer of some kind, but this very same necklace is now on sale for £54!! Even accounting for the rising cost of precious metal and a less favourable dollar/pound exchange rate, I think that a price increase of over 100% is out of order and simply unjustifiable!
"My" lovely Suarti necklace, which I kept intending to order, was just over £50, now over £80 - won't be ordering it now :confused2:

I guess we were getting favourable $ exchange rates then ...
I totally agree, I'm glad I bought the lovely items I have, when I did, as the prices have gone so high I wouldn't be able to buy them now. The prices are ridiculously high.
I now try and go for items when they are on clearance. I have bought so many impulse buys then but feel justified because the price can be up to half off. Favourites purchases Fire opal and diamond and russian diopside and diamond rings both in yellow gold. I love my silver and often but amethyst pieces. Nearly cried the other day when I broke one of my favourite pair of earrings in tigers eye after stupidly dropping them on the floor. Unfortunately they cannot be replaced.
I have not made an impulse buy on jewellery from QVC in years.

Go to ebay and you will find loads of people selling QVC and other channels jewellery good as new and great prices.

I bought a fabulous morganite white gold and diamond ring, which I remembered as a TVS not that long before. When a TSV it was £92, and I got it for £36!!!!

So some do jump for the impulse then the 30 days passes and they regret it.
Agreed. I have some lovely pieces from the past which were inexpensive and have been well worn and complimented.
I have had some lovely stuff, unusal, well priced and admired by others. When I go through my jewellery most of which is from QVC I marvel at the amount I have and think I must have been pretty well off to have bought so much. Then it dawned on me that the prices have gone up so much of late and I have almost stopped buying as they have so little now that fits in my budget. So I was never rich! You would think that when they have sell outs of the more affordable things that lights and bells would function at QVC towers and we would get more stuff on offer at realistic prices, but they do seem out of touch with the current economic situation. Down on the naughty old high street there seem to be loads of sales and offers to entice hard pressed consumers. Maybe I'm no longer in QVC's demographic......too poor for the TSV
i too find the prices verging on the unbelievable. even the clearance prices are not as good value as they used to be.
I agree with donna about Ebay and it is where i now buy most of my treats. I have bought some lovely ex QVC jewellery there. for example I bought a blue topaz QVC ring over a year ago which has recently been put on the clearance section. orig. price 192.00, clearance price 90.42 bought on ebay for around 35 quid.
I agree CountessK - you're spot-on about the impulse buy being made when jewellery comes in at the £30-50 mark; when it's above £50 (and looking £100+ in the face sometimes) everything becomes a 'considered purchase' and most of us, I think, 'consider' it too much to pay for one piece of QVC jewellery. I mean, I look to QVC for cheap-priced jewellery, frankly - if I want to pay lots of money for jewellery, I'd rather shop elsewhere.

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